Equilibrium Community Ecology Inc

This website is maintained by Equilibrium Community Ecology Inc, a voluntary non-profit community group whose purpose is to promote quality of life through resident-owned and managed housing co-operatives.

We believe that to create quality in our lives, we must be able to:

  • Meet our basic needs easily and with much time remaining to spend in useful and meaningful pursuits. Housing affordability is essential to enable this choice.
  • Live responsibly and sustainably, so that our lives do not damage the planet and, where possible, we leave it a better place.
  • Think and act for the collective welfare of our own community, serving in the best interests of others as well as ourselves.
  • Show our creative potential, acknowledging our human limitations and growing as individuals.
  • Make our life choices consciously and intentionally, with time for thoughtfulness, mindfulness and reflection.

Equilibrium Community Ecology was originally formed to establish an ecovillage co-operative on the NSW Central Coast.

Our efforts were frustrated by lack of opportunity within local planning laws, lack of available financial arrangements and lack of relevant support services and resources.

As a result, we have shifted our focus away from forming our own ecovillage community in the immediate future towards advocacy and support for others wishing to form resident-owned housing co-operatives.

In particular, we are interested in promoting cost-based co-operative housing ownership, which keeps housing affordable by ensuring houses are bought and sold for cost and don't suffer from price rises due to owners selling at a profit.

This concept is adaptable and can be applied in a variety of ways, including to cohousing, eco-villages, house sharing, retirement villages, student accommodation, manufactured home parks and owner-builder co-operatives, and other intentional communities.

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