Narara Ecovillage


The proposed ecovillage at Narara will be the first sizable residential ecovillage to be developed on the NSW Central Coast, about an hour north of Sydney. It will focus on the principles of environmentally sustainable property design and living practices, active community relationships and events, and developing sustainable economic activities. The ecovillage will provide a robust and future-focused living environment for families, couples and singles of all ages, and provide a demonstration model to the wider community.

 The site is approximately 63 hectares bordered by the Strickland State Forest, 12 of which are zoned (2a) for residential development. There is a site-specific DCP allowing for 118 lots. We aim to create a mix of housing, highlighting the principles of diversity, housing affordability and inclusiveness.

The village conceptual design will emphasize pedestrian access and open space. Small footprint, clustered homes will encourage a sense of safe and supportive community and a spontaneous, inter-generational lifestyle. Homes will be owned in the normal way with each resident sharing in the use of the common land and facilities. Intending residents will help shape the project and ongoing village management.

Public transport is easily accessible: buses and trains are within walking distance. The Narara Valley High School, Niagara Park Public School and Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School are nearby.

Currently we have a database of over 600 people interested in the project. In March 2012 we submitted a tender to purchase the land from the NSW Government, and have been shortlisted for negotiation.

We have linked our goals to the NSW Government’s regional strategy - aiming to create a sustainable community in three main areas: Environment, Social and Economic.

  • Renewable energy systems
  • Water self-sufficiency
  • Onsite waste treatment
  • Food production
  • Biodiversity
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Traffic management
  • Catastrophe management
  • Housing diversity
  • Sustainable building design
  • Community life
  • Onsite business enterprise

We are suggesting an enriched lifestyle of choice – easy play dates, fun, neighbourhood watch, shared resources, spare time, being around like minded people, more relaxed social interactions, living lighter on the earth as well as days completely to yourself. We see these options leading to a higher quality of life.

It is our view that only by involving potential residents in the development process, will a sustainable village be formed, in which residents can take pride and truly call their own.
We are currently seeking people who wish to be part of the developing community for this world-class project.

If you relate to our vision and mission then joining us on this journey of development may be one of the best times of your life. Together, we have the marvelous opportunity to be part of a way of life that will seize intelligent design, bountiful health practices, principled business, common sense caring, joyous celebration and good old-fashioned fun. We will strive to create a truly sustainable and balanced life for our residents and friends.

If you share this vision, come and join us!

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