Social housing and other communities

A few intentional communities in Australia are based in properties that are rented or provided in some other fashion, and are not owned by their residents as either landsharing or subdivided communities. 

Some communities have received government support as social housing projects. Some social housing initiatives have evolved into intentional communities.

The aim of government social housing programs in Australia is to provide "affordable" rental housing at below market rates for people on low to middle incomes. Residents do not have the opportunity to own their homes or to take any equity in them, and few more rights than ordinary tenants.

The formation of rental housing co-operatives comprising residents of a number houses are often encouraged by government as a means of managing the rent roll and the maintenance of the properties.

In other cases, government-funded social housing providers have purchased homes in cohousing projects where their tenants can participate fully in the community.

In all cases, the government retains ownership of and title to the homes involved.

Some intentional communities chose to operate from rented premises.

Others are structuring themselves using hybrid renter-investor models and community land trusts, where the residents may or may not be the property owners and the investors/owners may or may not be residents.


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